How are children placed under the admission policy?

The allocation of available places at all schools of enrolled children (the children registered in the application), takes place per birth group (of four months) for all 23 primary schools of the five school boards simultaneously. This is automated according to the pre-established priority criteria and working method. Parents know at least five months before their child turns four at which school they have a place.

Important principals for location of places are:

a. Children under equal circumstances have an equal opportunity of placement;

b. A child who meets one or more priority rules has priority over a child without priority;

c. The order of preferred schools indicated by the parents is strictly followed;

d. Each child gets a place in the school of highest possible preference or, if applicable, the highest possible priority school from the added list.

Your child will be offered a place at the school of highest possible preference.

If there is sufficient space at your first preferred school, your child will be given a place there. Children who have an older brother or sister at that school will always be placed.

Children that cannot be placed at the school of first preference will be placed at the second preference, subject to availability; if this is not possible, then at the third or next preferred school.

Automated placing at non-selected priority schools: If there is no available place at all at the preferred schools (in accordance with the priority rules), your child will be eligible for a place at the priority schools that you did not specify; these priority schools have been added to the Proof of Enrolment.