The school has previously promised me a place. Is this still valid?

Yes. Parents who have written confirmation that the school has reserved a place for their child from the fourth birthday, can claim this under the following conditions.
A placement is guaranteed for parents who:

  • have a written confirmation from the school of their first preference;
  • enrol their child according to the new admissions policy by delivering the enrolment form together with a copy of the written confirmation;
  • redeem the written confirmation in time.

The final date to redeem a written confirmation depends on the period of birth and is earlier than for enrolments without a confirmation (see table below).

Child’s Date of BirthClosing date for written confirmations
1 September 2020 t/m 31 December 2020December 2023
1 January 2021 t/m 30 April 202124 January 2024
1 May 2021 t/m 31 August 202128 March 2024

After these closing dates the (written) confirmations will no longer be valid. Subsequently, after each closing date, an inventory will be made of the amount of places still available for children (from this birth period) without a written confirmation.

When the written confirmations result in a school already being full, children with this school as a priority school are compensated with an additional priority school. Equality is maintained so that all children have priority status at four schools.