When is proof of address required?

You will need to provide a proof of address if you do not use the enrolment form with your child’s pre-printed details. When the pre-printed home address is corrected or when you use the blank enrolment form, proof of address must be submitted with the enrolment form. Without a valid proof of address, your child will have no priority schools and during the placement will only be placed after all children residing in Amstelveen and Ouderkerk aan de Amstel have been placed.

A valid proof of address is, for example:

  • Rental property agreement or house purchase agreement (important to demonstrate that you are/will be moving);
  • Registration PSZ / KDV;
  • Letter from the consultatiebureau or GGD;
  • Extract BRP (formerly GBA);
  • Child benefit papers;
  • Childcare allowance papers.