Why is it important to mention several schools in the enrolment?

Upon placement, children are placed at the school of highest possible preference. When a child can’t be placed at the school of first preference, it is eligible to a place at the second school (or, if not possible, at the next preferred school, etc., etc.).

Parents who submit only a limited number of preferred schools run the risk of being offered a place at a priority school which they didn’t choose (in case their preferred school(s) are oversubscribed). Choosing more than one school does not influence the chances of being placed at a school of higher preference.

It is important to mention at least four schools in order of preference. There is no necessity to mention more schools in case of:

  • an enrolment of children that have an older brother or sister at the school;
  • an enrolment of children that have a written confirmation of a specific school.